Wrap-up and Proper Disposal of 2021

A summary of hard lessons learned during a year of turmoil

This year I learned:

  1. Excessive fear can and will create a state of being very much like mental illness - even in people who may otherwise seem stable and rational.
  2. Our government is actively seeking to create a state of fear and panic among the general population. There is no other explanation for their course of actions.
  3. While I’m most comfortable saying I have no idea what the government’s motives are, I do know it’s all about control. I find the contemplation of why such control will be required too dark and ugly to dwell upon.
  4. Being controlled by those same people who promote and profit from war (AKA industrialized slaughter) can never be a good thing.
  5. The future will be most bleak if we are going to be led there by Dr. Fauci, the CDC and various other government agencies.
  6. Convincing people that the human body is utterly powerless to fight off disease is one more small step toward the imposition of tyranny.
  7. The worst, most depraved people living among us, those directly responsible for widespread oppression, human suffering and death will never be brought to justice in this world.
  8. Twitter is actually good for something! It’s the one place I find people who are still able to exercise judgement and discern wisdom from dogma.
  9. My college professor who, in the late 70s predicted the totalitarian Soviet Union and “democratic” US would swap systems, was impressively accurate.
  10. Greed is a disease in humans that knows no bounds or limits

May be continued…



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I’ve reached a magical place on my Life’s path, finding precious freedom & my soul’s voice in not giving a shit. I look back & around, writing what comes.