The Enduring Tragedy of COVID

4 min readJul 19, 2022


The COVID response by our public officials seemed fishy from the start. While it seemed they weren’t quite prepared, they enforced the highest state of precautions and forced a major stoppage in our day to day lives. Most of us — except for CNN and MSNBC, now know they knew much more than they let on. The Fauci emails prove there was a major cover up that was handled sloppily with methods more resembling the actions of a fascist dictatorship than a democracy rule of a free people.

The ensuing ‘shutdown’ ended or ruined countless lives, and even caused the deaths of the population most susceptible to the virus. The elderly and those with compromised immune systems went without the care they needed due to the immobilization of services caused by the shutdown.

Mainstream media is still persisting in this cover up, even while incriminating evidence is made public. For a matter this devastating to be written off like the major networks are doing is criminal.

Our authorities’ actions ruined countless families and took down the middle class majority in the US and the world. I’m someone who voted Democrat several times in my life but do not plan to do so ever again — not that I’ve become republican either mimd you. Our entire system is rotten.

This coverup methods have added insult to injury because they so often employed methods that were divisive and inflammatory, helping to rip this country further apart. They continue to censor and demonize anyone who speaks out against Fauci and the WHO. It seems to be a sound strategy having a divided population at odds, since it keeps the focus away from the source.

They’ve used and continue to use the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to shut down any discourse on the issue. What is most alarming is that while the truth is out there, CNN and MSNBC are continuing to act as the propaganda bureau for the government on this, so where are we to turn for the truth? Fox News? It’s disgusting and discouraging that they’ve found a way to undermine democracy while using the same old front.

Chances are there will come a time when we have a deadly virus outbreak and the strictest precautions will be necessary. If and when that happens, we will have a problem with compliance, simply because of the government’s inane, irresponsible and nonsensical response to COVID.

Our society has been inoculated against making proper precaution in the event of an actual threat to humanity.

We now know they knew much more about this virus than they let on, if only because had a hand in creating it, but were flat out disingenuous in their response. Their initial panic-inducing response may have been made with the right intentions, but by May 2021 it was evident there was no need for a shutdown and that maximized protective measures were needed for people with compromised immune systems. With a world-wide shutdown in effect, this wasn’t possible.

The proper response at that point would have been to go back to business as usual while stressing that people take protective measures and arranging services and care for the elderly and those withcompromised immune systems.

A return to “normal” life too would have saved the many lives in communities I am personally familiar with. Addicts/alcoholics and people with mental illness rely on human contact to maintain a delicate balance in their lives. So many are gone and forgotten now.

Coming out of this ugly period of human history, most despicable of all are members of mainstream media, who continually peddled fear and paranoia to their helpless viewers. Speaking of which, why are we so compliant to an authority that has repeatedly proven unworthy of any measure of trust?

We passed a milestone in May 2021. That would have been the time for a government committed to the best interests of its people to shift to a more practical stance on the virus.

But instead, by then the whole show was taken over by the Pharma Industry launching a “heroic” effort to save the world. Not for the first time, greed trumped our actual health and wellbeing, something that can only happen in a derailed capitalist system.

There’s no doubt we’ve all been through serious changes since January 2021. A couple of things that changed for me. I used to be a news junkie, and enjoyed keeping up with what was happening. I no longer watch or seek any information from mainstream media and I know I’m much better off. The COVID-19 episode of our history has made it painfully clear our government serves only the interests of the elite and considers the rest of us dispensable.




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