The REAL Tragedy of COVID

I’m sick of the whole COVID thing and I don’t want to think or talk about it anymore. I just need to get one last thing out of my system and the only reason I bother is because I haven’t seen or heard it brought up anywhere. This is it:

Chances are there will come a time when we have a deadly virus outbreak and the strictest precautions will be necessary. If and when that happens, we will be SCREWED. Simply because of the COVID experience and governments’ inane, incompetent and nonsensical response to COVID.

In a very real sense, society has been inoculated against making proper precaution in the event of an actual threat to humanity.

I believe they knew much more about this virus than they let on, if only because they created it in a lab. The extreme initial response may have been made with the right intentions, but by May 2021 it was clear that healthy people were not at risk, only those with compromised immune systems were. At that point the ONLY acceptable response would have been to go back to business as usual and take extreme precaution for the elderly and anyone with compromised immune systems.

A return to “normal” life to would have saved the many lives in communities I am personally familiar with. These are addicts/alcoholics and people with mental illness who needed human contact to maintain a delicate balance in their lives. They are gone and forgotten now. They were sacrificed so the rest could “stay safe”.

Coming out of this ugly period of human history, most ugly of all are members of mainstream media, who continually peddled fear and paranoia to their helpless viewers. Speaking of which, hy are we so fucking compliant? But that’s another topic for another day. Right now, I just need to expel this shitty COVID experience completely, and I’ve one last thing to get out.

Going back to May 2021 or thereabout. That would have been the time for a government that sought the best interests of the people to shift to a more practical stance on the virus. But by then the Pharmaceutical Industry had taken over after launching a “heroic” effort to save us all. If this is capitalism, IT DOES NOT WORK!!

There’s no doubt we’ve all been through serious changes since January 2021. A couple of things that changed for me. I used to be a news junkie, and enjoyed keeping up with what was happening. I no longer watch and I KNOW I’m much better off.

More ominously, and this should be obvious if you’ve read my words to this point, but it’s still worth stating: I have no doubt government is actively serving the interests of those in power and shits on the rest of us.



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I’ve reached a magical place on my Life’s path, finding precious freedom & my soul’s voice in not giving a shit. I look back & around, writing what comes.