Reflections on Memorial Day Insanity

We live in a time when there is a staggering amount of propaganda injected into citizens’ brains daily. The average citizen has lost any semblance of a handle on reality. So it’s no surprise we’re not asking this very pertinent question: Why is it that Memorial Day has become a day of flag waving?

Although I’m in the minority, I think I’m like most people in that family members, friends and mentors have made, by far, the biggest impact on my life. And I’ve been around a while — long enough so that I’ve lost many incredible and amazing people I’ve known. Isn’t Memorial Day, the day for reflecting on those souls? There are so many lost from my life experience

But that’s not what we’re conditioned to do by our culture and media. Instead, we celebrate violence and the war machine that has flourished right under our noses. We are directed to celebrate the very mechanism that creates the carnage that end so many lives. Lives of our own children, those we send to war and lives of countless people throughout the world. It’s pure madness.

Seems we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Can someone take a look back and see where it was that we got on this path?

While I put the question out there, I know it’s no use. Everyone is just fine, or so I’ve been told. Over and over.



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I’ve reached a magical place on my Life’s path, finding precious freedom & my soul’s voice in not giving a shit. I look back & around, writing what comes.