Propaganda is a wonderful thing…for some

These days I worry way too much about the state of this country and the world. It’s not so much for my own sake, but for the daunting prosp[ect of what our children will be facing over the next 40 years or so. I always emphasize to my kids, with mixed results, how important it is to know history. The NAZI reign for example, from around 1930 to the mid 1940s is rich with important lessons.

Those who are familiar with those lessons recognize that today, our government uses several pages from the NAZI playbook. One of the most apparent and impactful is their use of propaganda. When it’s expertly used, propaganda can persuade large segments of a population to act against their very own interests, and do the bidding of their masters, often without realizing it — sort of a Walking Dead scenario.

Economic despair and lack of education are a couple of favorable conditions that fuel these tactics, and we have both of those in spades.

What a mess! What to do? A good start is turning off all TV news. If you haven’t noticed, they do nothing but create panic and fear. Not just FOX News. CNN and MSNBC are just as bad when it comes to spreading disinformation. They seem to want people divided and focused on each other instead of at the actual problem, the government. This is lethal to our society and to life as we know it.

Secondly, avoid any impulse to live in panic or fear. There’s no fate, no death worse than living in such a state of mind. Relax and resist turning on your fellow man for any reason! We need each other.

Ideally, they’d like to have everyone in their homes and in front of the TV in a Brave New World scenario. But since that isn’t practical for everyone, divisiveness will do.

With an awareness of what is being done we’ll finally have a foundation for positive change. These are dark times. Awareness is scarce and scattered, with a precious few, small candles, spread across a vast darkness. But as each of us is awakened to this reality, Light can and will spread rapidly. We each just have to play our parts.




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