Laughter and Fear at the Gates of Hell

One of very few highlights in these difficult times is the occasionally fertile ground created for unintentional comedy. Bill Gates depicted as a superhero has to be one of the best unintentional comedic images of all time! This guy rules his very own segment of mass media and has used it to tell us he’s been harboring a deep-rooted 97-pound weakling complex. Gates in the superhero mold has surfaced repeatedly in recent years, so it would seem that back-page ad he once responded to, the one that promised ultimate ruler-of-the-world power, actually worked for Bill!

Warning: Looking too closely at this image may cause distorted thinking and harsh judgement.

Back then, the guy was just an acne-plagued dork and outcast, but with a little tech know-how, a little help from his family, and a few scoops of ruthlessness, greed and self-righteousness, he transformed himself into a hard-nosed, cut-throat biz shark who has changed our lives and the state of the world, bitches!

It is so very fucking important to laugh. Especially at Bill Gates at this time, since he is none of the things he and his media tools tell us he is. It’s critical for us to remember this. But it’s not so easy when we’re barraged with media misinformation and conditioned to worship the Gordon Gekkos (Greed is Good) as they piss and shit all over us.

When Gates became part of an extended Silicone Valley circle in the 70s, he saw they lived by a carefree, hippie-dippy code. Since sharing was what they did, little Bill took what he could get from the tech wizards he encountered, and soon became a “have” instead of a “have not”. It was at that point he changed the rules of the game, teaching those hippies an important lesson on how capitalism works, whatever Gates secured became proprietary.

In spite of the handouts, Gates had to buy 86-DOS, his first operating system. At the time it was a rough, patchwork product, meant by its developers only as a temporary placeholder, to be improved upon. But with a little help from his well-connected mom, who introduced Gates to the IBM brass, he turned around and sold 86-DOS to IBM to make his first $16 million.

Fast forward to the 90s, when Bill started using his money to get what he seems to value most: power and control. He made a deal to get himself a big helping of mass media (MSNBC), and worked diligently to stamp out the competition to his IE (Internet Explorer) browser.

Seriously? Who buys this crap?

All the while — and this is the rub, he worked closely with the US government, formulating a shared vision. Gates’ vision of getting his technology to every pair of hands and eyes throughout the world. Our psychopath rulers saw Gates as the perfect partner, since they could use that technology to track and monitor every citizen at all times. In the end whether Gates shared the government’s specific goals doesn’t really matter. There are roughly three possibilities:

1) Gates knows exactly what he’s doing. He is pure evil.

2) He’s a hopeless ego-maniac, and wants to have his work used in the most impactful possible way — even if it is serving the agenda of psychopaths.

3) Gates is an idiot-savant and essentially a hopeless boob with it comes to most things.

Personally I vacillate between #1 and 2, and sometimes right smack in between the two, depending on my mood that day. But if you listen to Gates in his latest guise of the world’s Chief Medicine Man you might decide #3 is entirely possible. Gates has appeared at scores of speaking engagements and has written an entire 300+ page book without saying anything of substance.

Gates is no expert epidemiologist, unless owning a major market share in pharmaceuticals is all it takes. He’s no philanthropist either, regardless of the endless media droning telling us he is. He’s just a obscenely wealthy guy with a substantial PR budget. He’s actually closer to being a superhero than he is either of the above.

I also have to wonder if his psychopathic deep state partners hold their breath every time this 21st Century Howdy Doody on steroids opens his mouth. But Gates has built-in safegards in the overly-friendly, fawning media.

Whatever Gates’ true motives might be, this is where I stopped laughing.

This is shaping up as the ultimate Revenge of The Nerd; this awkward dweeb, former outcast with the squeaky, nasally voice is now one of the biggest threats to what remains of our freedom and liberty.

I hope you’ll pread the word.



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