Jeremiah’s Awakening

4 min readOct 26, 2023

He came to in a bouquet of feelings that included elation, euphoria mixed with a relief of surviving a destructive event not yet retrievable. As important as it seemed, it was now lost in Jeremiah’s profound lightness of being, both familiar and remote.

Now he noticed the day was dismal; overcast with wind and rain. He spotted below him a large group of people in dark garb, standing in a field. Upon closer inspection, there were his two children and his wife. He set out to see them. It was just then, as he saw and felt the sadness of his loved ones, that he came to an immense realization.

He remembered the moment his heart stopped, with the sound of his cup hitting the ground during a moment of excruciating pain. An abrupt end to a family gathering, an unimaginable pain, then a snapshot of the lifeless shell, followed by a passage and access to a cryptic chamber of recollections where there surfaced a number of other similar passages.

Recalling his end now with newfound equanimity, he reflected on this new perspective, then remembered loved ones, their images floating in and out of view, triggering pangs of metaphysical pain.

That’s when he noticed lights approaching, radiant orbs manifesting familiar images of his parents and all four grandparents, some beaming with joy, others stern and solemn. Clearly his welfare was their sole intent, and as he absorbed the love, he recognized in each soul of his welcoming party, multiple images from various lives. That’s when he realized he was going home.

The souls danced in the mist, their flames mingling, and there arose in Jeremiah’s consciousness a sudden profound, but unfamiliar — or long forgotten clarity, and to his astonishment, he was complete. Recalling with levity his former longing to understand the point of “it all”.

He now experienced his very essence formed as a particle of brilliant light, and there was no point at all and no need for one. In those who surrounded him now, he could see a multitude of lifetime manifestations. He saw them all at once and lapsing back into the Earth-logic he’d just transcended, he pondered on how such visions were possible.

But then came a flash, and with it he remembered the entirety of his journey and his companions. Sudden glimpses in the form of successive electrical charges, merged past with present in his consciousness showing him multitudinous embodiments of his own and of loved ones.

The loved ones he left behind were close by as he lingred in their thoughts and they in his. Noting their presence, he was reintroduced to the all encompassing scope and depth of consciousness. This brought more visions before him now. Some of them came with stronger charge, like the one of his daughter that was followed, just a split second later with a poignant revelation that this soul had also been his mother in the life he’d just left. She had passed on four years before returning as his daughter.

Mingling with this kindred soul now made him wonder why it hadn’t been so obvious on Earth, but such were the shortcomings of the physical realm. Now the current ran simultaneously through them both, as she stood embodied on the Earth, surrounded by family on that damp, dismal day. For a fleeting moment she was wrapped in silence and experienced, it seemed from the very center of her brain, a distinct flash accompanied by clicking sensation in her solar plexus as his image appeared clearly in her mind’s eye. The radiant vision stood in stark contrast to the gloom. It was something she’d never forget, and not fully comprehend for a long time.

Meanwhile Jeremiah was still acclimating to his new state, while observing a seemingly endless succession of images riding electrical pulses. They began with a harmonious state of comfort and warmth, succeeded by harsh light, pain as he felt his new body filling with air. From there his entire life unfurled, many scenes were accompanied by realizations that he acknowledged and digested. They were very much a form of nourishment to his being.

Reflecting on the nurturing sensation of the electricity, he recalled with incongruity how this energy was being harnessed and sold on Earth. It seemed so bizarre to him now that this essential energy that fed his, and all spirit essence, much like oxygen to his former corporeal state, was being controlled in his former realm. But for him it was time to move along.

His consciousness registered a sublime spectacle, a procession of countless cycles encompassing birth and death; with each recalling joy, wonder, pain and progression that came with each cycle. A series of temporary occupancies in physical forms, each requiring payment upon entry and departure. A brief reflection on the senseless recurring attachment each of those vessels had in spite of the knowing.

“How does that happen?” he asked no one in particular, relasping momentarily to his former limits of consciousness. He knew the answer here in the light of Truth, his own light and his place in Source, basking in Love. It was time for a rest.




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