9/11 links to Trump’s Mob

6 min readMar 31, 2021
Don’t just remember…think carefully about it!

I came across an interesting article on Medium last month that made a case saying the January 6 Capitol insurrection was worse than 9/11. While I appreciate the sentiment, I have to disagree. Ultimately I believe you can argue either side of that . But the larger point, for anyone willing to take an objective look, is that 9/11 and the entire Trump plague are directly linked.

My personal reaction to 9/11 was a fairly common one. It was a painful, jarring gut punch, shock was soon followed by anger, then confusion, and with distance came a bit clarity as some very dubious and inconvenient facts came to light. I won’t get into those here since that’s an extensive and far reaching topic that deserves careful scrutiny. I’d suggest the Richard Gage documentary featuring several credible professionals who present their findings, or David Hooper’s Anatomy of a Great Deception.

Unfortunately most Americans don’t care to hear any of it. It’s one of those rare cases where the truth is so horrendous, that you’d rather lock it in the “black box” and never deal with it, if that were possible. But sadly it’s NOT possible, and that’s the larger point here.

It was 9/11 along with an ugly series of legislative maneuvers, that lead to “President Trump” and January 6, 2021. Most of that legislation followed 9/11 but some also preceded it, like the Joe Biden authored Counter Terrorism legislation in 1995. Biden also sponsored the Patriot Act of 2001 — founding fathers be damned, but so-called left leaning good people don’t want to hear these things about Joe Biden, which is exactly why we’re in the mess we’re in today.

Many who are relieved to have Joe Biden now in the White House might ask: What mess? If you’ll recall, just about half our country worships a genuine idiot blowhard who clearly (to me at least) suffers from mental illness. That’s what I’d call a mess.

Don’t forget Trump won 26 states in 2020. Basically the entire midsection of this country is pro-Trump! So YES, it’s a big mess!

Trump may go away but the problem won’t

So let’s connect the dots showing how the “war on terror” legislation and the Bush/Cheney-launched war on Iraq brought us Trump in 2016 and beyond.

Without speculating on how 9/11 came about, suffice to say the official story is not plausible to anyone willing to examine the facts objectively. The truth won’t be known for many years still — if ever, and if it comes to light, will be hard to swallow.

9/11 set a tone, igniting (or maybe ignited by) totalitarian government sentiment and prompting citizens to willingly forfeit their civil rights. The catylists were personal safety and patriotism, two of the totalitarians’ favorite trump cards.

The US made war on Iraq. Cheney and Bush had their own reasons but public support came with the help of our collective media outlets and the age old eye- for-an-eye mentality with the macho GWB, in his very best moment, providing the face of the brute and proclaiming essentially ‘somebody is going to pay for this!’. To this the public, still feeling the shock, cheered him onward, as the collapsing Twin Towers were still fresh in their minds in 2003.

Fast forward a few years later, and while US/UK forces were still engaged in ripping Mesopotamia apart (in an ultimate irony, it’s the land we call the cradle of civilization), it slowly dawned on the public that it was duped by CIA propaganda. There never were Weapons of Mass Destruction, and while it’s possible the dim Bush was unaware, it’s clear Cheney and his evil, agenda-driven advisors and allies in the cabinet were fully aware they were scamming us. Colin Powell, maybe the only person of integrity in that administration, was coerced into making a farcical WMD speech to the UN, an act of complete self-destruction for a man with a functional conscience. Soon after he retired and hid himself away in shame.

As it sank into the public consciousness that we’d been duped by our government and media, half the country hardened against “the establishment” while the other half, my liberal friends, lowered their standards considerably. The latter segment went into severe denial about the culpability of their favorite prime time CNN or MSNBC correspondents. This split became more pronounced when Trump entered the arena showing he was willing to give ’em all hell with his polished 3rd grade-level grasp of the English language. In this age of custom spoon-fed messaging, mind managing fantasists used their outlets and social media to turn the inept Trump into a superhero.

Thus one Golden Idiot Child begot another

The ilk of those in the crown on Jan. 6th have always been part of our society — at least for the 60+ years I’ve been around. I’ve seen them on our beaches and in national parks wearing patriotism on their sleeve while tossing beer cans and other refuse across the landscape. I’ve seen them staggering drunk at sporting events, shouting profanities or pridefully chanting the name of their neighborhoods while interpreting civility as condescension.

To those saying “this is not who we are”, I’m sorry to break it to you but it IS a large segment of who we are and who we have been for a long while. Now they have their avatar, so they coalesce around Donald Trump. Avidly self-righteous, they demand the white privilege they feel is their due, and the right to bray like jackasses as long and as loud as they wish.

Trump blows hot air into the dog whistle and they rise up, bonded by hatred, energized by anger. These emotions result largely by their own shortcomings and failures. Most of them are on a downward slide, both economically and morally, while the skids are greased by the runaway greed and corruption of those who control our politicians, requiring evermore desperate actions by those in power and more blatant lies to cover them up.

The Iraq War is just one pronounced example of this. These days it’s common knowledge that the media willingly lied to stir public sentiment in support of war in Iraq. A war that took millions of civilian lives and tens of thousands of American lives.

So it’s no wonder Trump supporters overlook it when that same media presents tangible proof that their hero is a pitiful, lying coward and simpleton. It seems to me their hatred of the media provides enough of a reactive bounce to counteract the overwhelming evidence produced every time Trump opens his mouth (must be powerful stuff!).

The fact is the Trump rabble are not wrong in believing we’re now commonly mislead by the media. Thank both major parties for that. It was the Bush administration that duped us willingly into that war in Iraq. But the democrats did their part. Obama followed Bush W and sustained US middle-east policies, but no one seemed to notice.

While it is a great relief to 53% (just my guess) of Americans that the current president is in office — and rightfully so, for the sake of the environment at least, the democrats are equally culpable, and they are not the answer.

Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same ugly coin.

Our two-party system has created this sad state we’re in. Both parties are controlled by lobbies serving interests that are not ours. Interests that are not life affirming. Instead they serve corporate interests; oil, weapons, technology, even the interests of other countries who make our greedy politicians very wealthy.

The situation is not sustainable, and while the majority of people just want to be left alone and settle back into their trances and comfort, there’s good reason to fear for the future of our children. They had nothing to do with any of it but will still have to suffer the consequences. How long are you going to stand for it?

So, here we are…Pornography of Power by Mr Fish

As citizens of the most powerful country on the planet, we have a moral obligation to rise above this mess. What does it say about us otherwise?




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