Fauci gets emotional about the early days

In an extended interview with CBS’ Leslie Stahl, Dr. Anthony Fauci reportedly got very emotional and had to call a brief timeout to regroup. During the 60 Minutes interview, Fauci disclosed the little-known fact he was once a childhood TV personality during the 1950s and early 60s.

His emotions got the best of him after Stahl asked Fauci about his early television appearances as novelty character Topo Gigio on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Fauci Gigio singing the blues, circa 1957

“My pop lost his job at the factory and the times got pretty rough there for a while.” said Fauci, with his voice cracking, to a sympathetic Stahl, who appeared to get emotional as well.

“I didn’t want to do it. I thought it was very demeaning. Even in that day and age!” He added, with some anger now apparent mixed with sadness.

It was at that point, Fauci ordered the cameras to stop rolling, taking out a polka-dot handkerchief and covering his face as Stahl looked on sadly. Just after a full minute had passed, Fauci used his hanky to blow his nose and the honk sound he made seemed to revive him as well as the CBS crew.

“Ok, let’s get back to it!” asserted the good doctor with renewed vigor.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Stahl asked him in a motherly tone.

“I’m just fine!” snapped Dr. Fauci.

Shortly after this, Stahl was again admonished by the doctor for assuming that Fauci felt sympathy for his other family members who made special appearances with him on the show, but Fauci set her straight. “I was the only one with any talent for christ sakes! The rest of ’em were just hanging on to my coattails! JESUS!!!”

The Fauci clan hits the big time on The Ed Sullivan Show

Following the interview, CBS tried to reach out to those family members and discovered that they have all either passed away or have fallen through the cracks of mainstream society, and live off the grid.

In an ensuing telephone conversation with the doctor, he seemed apathetic toward any surviving family. “I went my way, they went their way.” he snapped.

Asked if he had anything he’d want to say to them by way of advice, the doc’s patience obviously waned, “Good luck ’em, OK? What do you want me to say? Advice? All the advice I have to give is out there already!”

On the weekly broadcast, 60 Minutes did not include Fauci’s emotional moments. They declined comment on when those segments might be made available.



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