A Message from Abe

3 min readDec 17, 2022

My Earth name is Brahama, but friends call me Abe. I’ve been invited to write a guest column in this space. My ancestors are from a planet that revolves around the star close to the one you might know as Alpha Centauri. But I’m technically not from “another” planet, I’m really a child of the universe.

I’ve been hanging out here on Earth for almost a millennium now, and others of my kind were here before me, observing and sometimes guiding humanity. Each of us have are assigned a particularly select few humans, some of whom are a delight while others tax our patience as they toil in darkness. Fortunately, we’re not affected by emotions quite like current day humans would be. We’re filled with love and compassion, and while we do feel joy and sadness, we don’t dwell in anguish and disappointment or any of the more unproductive emotions.

I’m not the only one of my kind here. There are many of us, and even if this for you is news, you very likely have spent most of your life here in close proximity to one or more of us. We’re sometimes referred to as guardians, but that’s not accurate. We’re really guides. There are all kinds of forces that hang around humans and we can’t protect souls from them, but we do offer guidance to those who can hear it. This guidance is injected through the soul and perceived as thought. Very few humans can discern guidance from their own thoughts.

Humans are very strange creatures. They’re always self-sabotaging and making things more difficult for themselves, with very few exceptions. And because of their limited view, the have some bizarre thoughts. For instance, when a newborn is named, assigned a name like Veronica Collison-Myers or William Jefferson Cunningham. You look at that tiny little baby and you think ‘how can a little, innocent thing like this carry a big name like that?!! Yet if you fast forward 20 or 30 Earth years, throw in a few moral failings, a few quirks and failed expectations, and the name seems to fit. You no longer give it a second thought: ‘Oh that’s Bill Cunningham, he’s the Chief Engineer at Starport Technologies. Good guy!’ Still, that little baby and the imperfect adult is the very same soul you’d have experienced in both instances.We experience time differently than humans do. Where you see it as a continuum, we see it in its totality. What you call past, present and future doesn’t exist for us. It’s all one. But it can’t be that way for humans, because the experience of Time is required in the Human Curriculum, just as one learning to swim requires water, so it must be as it is.

The human condition creates many challenges. Learning to listen to your physical body is essential. The human body is in fact filled with metaphysical wonders and mysteries waiting to be explored. That’s something I’ll write more about in the future. For now, suffice to say that most humans live an entire life without experiencing the wonders of their physical manifestation.

Young souls start out with a fundamental misunderstanding once they transition into this world believing the body is who they are. Even for older souls, it can take decades of life to discern the presence of their soul. This is why it comes as a surprise to most when both body and soul speak as two distinct, seperate entities as the end nears.

To be continued




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